Repair Corrupt PST File in Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 is one of the most famous versions of Microsoft Outlook application. It was released prior to Outlook 2010. This version revolutionized the world with its new set of interactive features, which were absent in other email clients. Outlook 2007 helped users to store all their important, personal and professional data like contacts, emails, calendar, notes, personal folder, appointments and many more. It stores all the above stated information in a personal storage table, which is commonly known as PST file.

Most of the Outlook users think that the information stored on their Outlook profile is completely secure. But this is actually not true, like any other application even Outlook tends to get corrupt or damaged once in a while. It usually happens due to PST file corruption. After PST file corruption, you will not be able to access a single info from your Outlook profile no matter how hard you try. When the PST file gets corrupt you will receive error notifications such as bcannot find .pst fileb, bThe file abcd.pst could not be foundb, bxyz.pst could not be foundb etc. If you get stuck in such situation don't panic about how to fix corrupt PST file in Outlook 2007, because there is way to resolve this issue.

Though MS Outlook 2007 has provided an in-built tool called as Scanpst.exe to deal with PST corruption problems. But this inbuilt tool has a very low success rate and sometime trying to repair the PST file using this tool leads to further PST file corruption. Scanpst has one more limitation that it doesnbt fix corrupted 2007 PST file whose size is more than 2GB.

At such point you need help of bFix Damaged PSTb tool to repair corrupt PST file in Outlook 2007. By using this application it is very easy to fix corrupted 2007 PST file, in very less time. It is the best answer for the question how to fix corrupt PST file in Outlook 2007 without damaging it. Including Outlook 2007, it even allows users to fix Outlook 2010 PST as well as created with other versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2000, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2013.

Reasons behind Outlook 2007 PST file corruption:

  • Improper termination of Outlook application will corrupt the header of the PST file, which will in turn damage the entire PST file and makes it inaccessible. After facing this scenario many questions strikes in users mind like how to fix corrupt PST file in outlook 2007? Is it possible to repair corrupt PST file?.
  • PST file may also get corrupt when it exceeds its storage limit. At certain circumstances damaged PST repair tool will help you to repair corrupt PST file in Outlook 2007.
  • Any kind of virus attack on your system from the internet or from any other storage device also results in PST file corruption.
  • While upgrading the Outlook from older version to the newer one can cause incompatibility which may results in PST file corruption. These causes for PST corruption can be fix corrupt outlook data file by using this advanced application.

Few prominent features of fix damaged PST tool:

Fix damaged PST is a popular utility which fixes severely corrupt PST file and helps you regain access to your Outlook 2007 application. The tool mends PST file corrupted due to any above mentioned reasons and adding to this it recovers back all the deleted emails, contacts, calendar entries, journals, attachments etc. With this repair program you can even recover lost emails when Outlook freezes. The effective scanning algorithm of this app can easily repair password protected PST files. This app is a one stop solution fo all the users who want to know how to fix and recover deleted items from Outlook 2016, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Important Tips:

  • Before executing repair process, close the MS Outlook application.
  • Donbt share PST file on public network.
  • Check out the free disk space before downloading licensed version of the tool.

Learn how to fix corrupt PST file in Outlook 2007:

Step1: Download and run fix damaged PST tool in your computer to repair corrupt PST file in Outlook 2007. Launch it and then select your Outlook 2007 corrupt PST file from the main screen by clicking on any one of the options which are "Find PST File", "Open PST File" and "Select Outlook Profile" to repair it.

How to Fix Corrupt PST File in Outlook 2007 - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step2: Choose the drive which holds your corrupt PST file. Once you select the drive a new window will open up which will provide you two options namely "Normal Scan" and "Smart Scan". These are the modes of scanning and you have to select any one of them on the basis of the severity of your PST file corruption. Soon after the selection of scanning mode you need to specify the destination location to store your new PST file. After choosing the destination location, click on the "Repair" button to fix corrupted 2007 PST file.

How to Fix Corrupt PST File in Outlook 2007 - Select the Mode of Scanning

Fig 3: Select the Mode of Scanning

Step3: As soon as the repair process get completed you can preview the repaired PST file data in a new window.

How to Fix Corrupt PST File in Outlook 2007 - View Repaired PST File

Fig 4: View Repaired PST File