Software to Fix Damaged PST File in Outlook

Outlook Personal Storage Table or PST is a file type that stores data information such as journals, email messages, notes, tasks and many more. It is an essential Outlook file which may get corrupt very easily. There are several known and unknown factors which finally lead to the corruption of PST file. When these files get corrupt you will be unable to open your Outlook inbox or contacts. Then one question will come in your mind that "how to fix Outlook PST file?" Due to corruption of this .pst file you may miss out an important meeting or appointment. It is extremely important to fix corrupt outlook data file on any Outlook version to get back the access to all the Outlook data.

It is definitely possible to fix damaged PST file with the help of a strong and effective repair Outlook PST file application such as fix Outlook PST. The reason for corruption of your PST file could be power failure, malware attack, and PST header corruption or up gradation of Outlook. These are some of the major causes for Outlook file corruption. To overcome these and to make the PST file free from corruption you must try this repair Outlook PST file software. If your Outlook .pst is broken and you are thinking how to fix Outlook PST file then you must make use of fix outlook pst tool to repair damaged PST file.

A PST file gets damaged under certain circumstances. While you are accessing your Outlook .pst if all of a sudden power fails it leads to the abnormal termination of your Outlook. Due to such abnormal Outlook termination the PST files stored in Microsoft Outlook gets broken immediately. Personal Storage Table file also gets corrupt when someone performs compacting action on it. These files are actually stored locally in the computer itself. But when they are used over a network then there are high chances of it getting corrupted. It is also possible to lose crucial Outlook file due to improper Windows shutdown. When one shuts down Windows without closing Outlook then in such a situation PST files get extremely damaged and all the data stored in it become unreachable. PST files are not permanently lost from Windows. It can be safely repaired by using fix Outlook 2010 PST files which can be corrupt due to the reasons mentioned above.

By using fix outlook pst you can quickly fix .pst files from Outlook 2000, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 & get the answer for ;how to fix Outlook PST file?. There are many Outlook useres who prefer using Outlook 2000 itself. This tool will effectively fix PST file in Outlook 2000 with full ease in few moments itself. Not only limited to Outlook 2000, it is also capable to fix corrupt pst file in outlook 2007 within few simple mouse clicks.

PST file that is unreadable due to Outlook version incompatibility or operating system crash can also be fixed by using fix outlook pst. This software allows you to repair PST files that are broken from Win server, Win XP and Windows Vista. To fix PST in Outlook 2003, this amazing fix damaged PST is an ultimate solution. Overall we can say that this tool is a one stop solution for such Outlook users who don't know how to recover deleted PST files in Outlook 2016. To know more about it, check this page:

How to fix Outlook PST file?

Step1: Soon after downloading and launching fix damaged pst tool in your system choose your Outlook file from the main screen by clicking on any one of the options namely "Find PST File", "Open PST File" and "Select Outlook Profile" in order to fix it.

How to Fix Outlook PST File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step2: In this step select the drive which contains your corrupt Outlook PST file. Click on "Find" and then select your .pst file to proceed to the next step.

Step3: From this step you need to select either "Smart Scan" or "Normal Scan" option. After selecting any one of these choose the destination location to store your new PST file in it. Then just click on "Repair" option to repair Outlook PST file.

How to Fix Outlook PST File - Select the Mode of Scanning

Fig 3: Select the Mode of Scanning

Step4: You can preview the recovered Outlook data as soon as the scanning and repair process gets completed. If you are satisfied with the results obtained then you can buy this tool to save the recovered emails or contacts in your computer.

How to Fix Outlook PST File - Recovered Outlook Data

Fig 4: Recovered Outlook Data